Assistive Technology Expert Witness

Assistive Technology Expert Witness Dr Marc Beale

Assistive Technology Expert Witness

An assistive technology expert witness is a crucial addition to the team of experts you instruct for your client’s personal injury or medical negligence case. Our AT experts are highly experienced in this field and are able to recommend not only the most up to date technology but also future proof their recommendations.

Malvern Scientific provide expert witness services throughout the UK and Ireland for both claimants and defendants. We are experienced in adding significant value to the litigation claim. Our services are useful for people with disabilities, however complex, to ensure they have a budget for the lifetime provision of the most up-to-date and suitable technology for their needs.

We understand the importance of instructing a competent expert witness who is able to confidently defend their assistive technology recommendations to the court.

Our reports are suitable for any age and we have experience of a variety of disabilities specifically spinal cord injury, birth injury and traumatic brain injury

Typically our reports are ready within 12 weeks; a fast-track service is available .

Why do I need an AT report?

Assistive technology is a field which develops fast and instructing an expert who keeps up to date with changes is imperative. The aim of a Malvern Scientific report is to provide detailed areas of need; this way the individual is provided with the funds to purchase technological advances throughout their lifetime.

Our experts are experienced in a vast array of disabilities and the technology to ameliorate the problems faced by individuals.

  • Human to computer interfaces such as eye gaze
  • Exoskeletons
  • Access to hobbies and travel
  • Technology to assist education or employment
  • Home automation like door openers, lights
  • CCTV to monitor vulnerable individuals
  • Links to other experts to ensure adequate provision of mobility and accommodation
  • Sensory equipment including gardens

Dr Marc Beale

Marc is a highly experienced assistive technology expert witness. He has provided more than 800 AT reports since 1998. Marc has appeared in court a number of times for cross examination on his recommendations. Feedback is positive and he is frequently re-instructed. Marc has been involved in the development of assistive technology and understands the issues surrounding the effective implementation of AT.

Kate Browne

Kate has been involved with Malvern Scientific since 2008. She has been heavily involved in the running of the business and proofreading Marc’s reports she has now become an expert witness in her own right. An accomplished public speaker with the confidence to stand up in court.